This is a site where I will post photos from countries and news of major safety events in the world.

The photo from Kharkiv Ukraine is showing the guardrails at the church roof. There is a fixed ladder for escape in case of a fire.


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Many countries have safety laws and some do not. No one gains when a worker is killed.

I travel frequently and want to show the solutions and hazards for safety professionals.

The above photo is a steel mill in Ukraine. The worker is exposed to falling into molten metal.



Send comments and I will respond. A crane hit a power line and caught on fire in the above photo.

John Newquist MS CSP


John Newquist is an independent safety trainer, author, and consultant. He has been interviewed for his safety expertise and OSHA insight by NPR, BNA, Safety + Health Magazine, Mother Jones, and several more. He has worked with numerous companies to successfully to reduce their losses and injuries. He has a BS in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Masters of Science in Industrial Management from Northern Illinois University. He is a Certified Safety Professional. He has trained over 10000 people in the last four years. He has spoken at hundreds of safety seminars across the country for the National VPPPA, Construction Safety Conference, American Society of Safety Engineers, National Fire Protection Association, and numerous Building Trade Councils. He has trained hundreds of OSHA inspectors from 1990-2016. He worked for OSHA from 1983-2012 and was also the Area Director of the Peoria Area Office. He currently teaches safety classes, conducts onsite audits, mentors new safety professionals, and is an expert witness.